Uses » Casinos and Hotels

From an arresting visual display to an informative notice system, giant LED screens are becoming and increasingly more affordable and effective technology to deploy in venues such as Casinos and Hotels. We understand that your screen requirements will be demanding – usually running 24-7 – which is why we have sourced and extensively tested a very reliable range of LED video cabinets.

Frequently used as a mechanism to display in-house promotions to sell your own services or products, LED video walls can be configured in standard 4:3 or 16:9 ratios, but it's perfectly feasible that a 'digital poster site' built with LED video panels could utilise a taller aspect ratio to mimic that of traditional printed posters. The assembled display can be flown/rigged from an overhead structure (subject to load) or can free stand using our own British designed and manufactured floor supports.

Increased ROI through Advertising

Placed in high traffic areas, many clients we speak with are attracted to the opportunity of selling advertising space to third parties, dramatically increasing their ROI on an LED screen purchase. There are many video input options to choose from, depending on your requirements – examples include a PC (playing Powerpoint slides, for example), a DVD Player or dedicated Digital Signage Solution. If you are having multiple screens within one venue, it is possible to use media servers or more sophisticated video delivery technology to control and manage your content.

Uses for video walls in Casinos

There are many applications for giant LED video screens in casinos, whether it be in an entrance foyer, for digital signage, or as a decorative/ambient feature in the gaming areas. The modular design of our cabinets allow the screen to be assembled as one large flat surface, as a series of horizontal or vertical strips, or even in a curved format (it is feasible to install an overhead circular video display above a feature gaming area, for example). When used for close-up viewing, we recommend between a 3mm and 6.25mm pitch indoor LED screen. Screen cabinets can be tiled seamlessly around corners or curved around bars/counters to create a stunning visual effect.

Uses for video walls in Hotels

A giant indoor LED screen stretching the height of a modern hotel's atrium, an news/information hub, a decorative effect, an eye catching outdoor video display – just a few examples of how LED screen technology is being used by hoteliers to inform clientele, advertise vacancies and up-sell offers. With a range of resolutions available from fine 5mm pitch indoor screens through to a coarser 15mm pitch display that can be used as a lighting effect, there are many ways that giant LED screen technology is being utilised and incorporated into the interior fabric of a building including hotels and resturaunts.

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