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Our lightweight, modular cabinets provide hassle-free rigging; meaning this video wall solution is well suited to exhibition/trade shows. Our LED video wall panels can be set as a flat screen, but the cabinet design and special fixing brackets allow adjustment up to +/-15º allowing you to create a giant, curved or circular video wall.

Using a video processor, the screen can accept a variety of video inputs from live  feeds (e.g. product demos) to pre-recorded content, a PC screen, video games systems or DVD video. Although not mandatory, a video processor allows realtime resizing of your video signal – perfect if your video feed is a different size/ratio to your LED screen. A video processor can also act as a switcher, so multiple feeds can easily switched or hot-swapped.

Power efficient cabinets eliminate 3-phase mains distribution

In almost every situation, the screen draws very little power whilst running, eliminating the need for costly and complex 3-phase mains distribution and provides peace of mind for your clients. We have also developed a dedicated mains distribution supply for LED screens, preventing the many issues people experience at the power-on phase.

Lightweight and easy to rig

Installing a temporary or permanent giant LED screen into a venue is quick and simple; our lightweight yet robust cabinets weigh just 4.5Kg (half the weight of many metal-framed chassis) meaning panels are easier to handle, assemble and demand less structural load when rigging compared to a bulky metal chassis.

A road-ready LED video wall solution

Flight cases with custom inserts are included with your purchase of an indoor LED video wall from Giant LED Screens, this means they're ready to tour with your events/AV crew and easy to store in-between events. We are able to provide on-site training when you purchase your LED screen, and can assist from a technical and after-sales maintenance perspective.

Can we help?

Whether this is your first LED video wall purchase or you're a seasoned video professional looking to source a flexible LED video display solution, we're here to talk through any requirements you have.

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