Uses » Sporting Venues and Stadiums

LED video walls have many uses for sporting venues – they're ideally suited for creating advertising locations, scoreboard displays and live video walls. Depending on the desired use, we offer a range of indoor and outdoor video wall panels that can be configured in a variety of ways. It's not uncommon to opt for different resolution screens in different areas of your venue (a multi-site install) – this would utilise a range of indoor panels for advertising, with two large outdoor video screens at each end of the sporting arena to display match statistics/live video.

Both our indoor and outdoor LED video panels are modular which allow you to create a custom size video wall, giving you the advantage of displaying real-time video on one part of the screen with a scoreboard/timer on another area.

Pitch side advertising

We are also able to supply LED video panels that are optimised for pitch-side advertising - not only is the refresh rate greater to reduce photographic flicker, these panels include built-in angled stands and a soft, rubberised exterior to minimise injury from collisions. Continue reading about our outdoor stadium series video cabinets.

LED video wall use cases for sporting venues

Listed below are a couple our LED video wall panels that are well suited to sporting venues, but please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements.

P15 (15mm pitch) outdoor display. Perfect for outdoor sporting arenas, the 15mm LED video wall has an optimum viewing distance of 15 meters. Being a wider pixel pitch, the cost-per panel is lower than a finer pitch (higher resolution) video panel such as a P7 or P5. The display software included with every purchase is capable of outputting video to suit your setup and additional software features can be purchased such as a live scoreboard, timer and clock.

P3 (3mm pitch) or P5 (5mm pitch) indoor display – the finer resolution displays available on the market come in at only 3mm or 5mm pitch, these modules are ideally suited to foyers and waiting areas for indoor advertising and information signage. With an optimum viewing distance of 3 to 5 meters (although they look great from a much closer distance), this display is perfect for video advertising and overhead signage.


Indoor/Outroor LED Video Screens for sporting venues

  • Coupled with scoreboard software, it's possible to display and update team scores in real-time
  • Wide viewing angle makes this an ideal solution for sporting venues
  • Increase your ROI/merchandise sales by displaying adverts during intervals
  • Video wall is built using a series of square cabinets for standard 6:4/16:9 or non-standard aspect ratios
  • Front surface of the outdoor video display is IP68 rated meaning the video wall is suitable for adverse weather conditions (6 = totally dust tight, 8 = protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure)
  • Rear of the outdoor video wall assembly reaches an IP65 rating, meaning it is totally dust tight and can also withstand low-pressure jets/rainy weather
  • Indoor video wall panels are IP65 rated (front and back)

Pitch side advertising panels

  • Pitch-side advertising panels feature a rubberised front/top for added protection to spectators and players
  • Pitch side advertising panels can be angled from 75° to 90° upright
  • Available as indoor P10 or outdoor P16/P20 sizes (cabinet dimensions vary based on pitch)

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